Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Biblio-Mat

Couldn't resist sharing this fun item on a Toronto bookstore's latest attraction: the Biblio-Mat!

The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo.

"The Biblio-Mat is a random book dispenser built by Craig Small ( for The Monkey’s Paw, an idiosyncratic antiquarian bookshop in Toronto. Biblio-Mat books, which vary widely in size and subject matter, cost two dollars. The machine was conceived as an artful alternative to the ubiquitous and often ignored discount sidewalk bin. When a customer puts coins into it, the Biblio-Mat dramatically whirrs and vibrates as the machine is set in motion. The ring of an old telephone bell enhances the thrill when the customer’s mystery book is delivered with a satisfying clunk into the receptacle below."

Hear an interview with the Biblio-Mat's inventor, Craig Small, on CBC's As It Happens - Part 2 - Tuesday, November 20th. Apparently the Biblio-Mat has customers of The Monkey's Paw lining up out the door, and Mr. Small has had requests from hundreds of interested parties around the world who want their own Biblio-Mats!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Library Movers & Shakers -- 'the Canadians'

Every year Library Journal publishes its list of 'movers & shakers' in the Library industry. It's a nice 'pat on the back' for many librarians, both in North America and internationally. Library Journal has published a map locating past recipients from over the past 10 years.

Equally interesting, is this list of all the Canadian recipients that Michel-Adrien Sheppard has assembled over at Library Boy. 20 Canadians! And you probably know a few of them.

Perhaps readers will consider dropping Michel-Adrien's name into the nomination form for 2013. Given the lengthy commitment he's made to informing all of us about the latest happenings in Canada's law library world, he'd certainly be a worthy candidate in my view.

Quickscribe Manual Update for October 2012

Just one Quickscribe manual update to mention this month: the BC Labour Legislation Manual.

Remember, daily updates to BC statutes and regulations are available at Quickscribe's