Thursday, December 17, 2015

Roundup of #Clawbies2015 Nominations To Date

As always, we're carefully tracking the nominations for the 2015 Clawbies awards as they come rolling in. Here's who's participated in the 10th annual Canadian Law Blog Awards thus far - we'll continue to add to the list as more nominations are made.

Blogged nominations:

  • Sarah Roussel-Lewis at Legal Sourcery (Michael Geist, Lawyerist, First Reference Talks)
  • Sara Ross at Law.Arts.Culture (Combat Sports Law,, The Life of the Law)
  • Russell Alexander at FamilyLLB (AvoidAClaim, Precedent, CanLII Connects)
  • Leonid Sirota at Double Aspect (Administrative Law Matters, Sir Henry Brooke,  Michael Geist)
  • ABlawg (Administrative Law Matters, Anti-Terror Law, U of A Faculty of Law Blog, Blogging for Equality)
  • Will Tao at Canadian Immigration Law Blog (Administrative Law Matters, Stewart Sharma Harsanyi Calgary Immigration Law Firm Blog, Meurrens on Immigration)
  • Paul Daly at Administrative Law Matters (Pierre Trudel, Double Aspect, ABlawg)
  • Hassell Trial Counsel Blog (OTLA Blog, Darryl Singer, Will Davidson LLP Blog)
  • Hassell Arbitration Blog (Mackenzie DRS, Miskin Law Blog, Paralegal Scope) 
  • Kathryn Marshall at Lawsome (BC Injury Law and ICBC Claims Blog, Family Health Law Blog, Michael Geist)
  • Fiona Finn at Clio (Michael Geist, The Court, Slaw)
  • Startup Source (Michael Geist, Kira Systems Blog, Sport Law & Strategy Group Blog)

Tweeted nominations:

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Quickscribe Annotations Update for November 2015

 A quick post to share the newest annotations on Quickscribe 2.0 - here's what was added in November:
  • Eileen Vanderburgh, AHBL Management Limited Partnership – Freedom of Information And Protection of Privacy Act 
  • Margaret Mason, Bull Housser & Tupper LLP – Societies Act, Society Act
Those are just two members of Quickscribe's team of 20+ local legal professionals who provide annotations for BC statutes and regulations. To sign up for a free trial of Quickscribe 2.0, visit