Friday, May 04, 2018

Exciting Enhancements to Quickscribe Online

Quickscribe is constantly improving and expanding their services, and today we're excited to note that two new contributors have joined the Quickscribe Online expert annotations team:
  •  Laura Johnston of the Community Legal Assistance Society
  •  Philippa Estall of the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC
These additions reflect a growing number of authoritative organizations that are now contributing to Quickscribe Online. These partnerships are more than a boon to subscribers; because the experts' annotations are published publicly, their contributions help facilitate their organizations' mandate to provide clarity on cases and legislative changes. Some of these organizations include:
  • BC Human Rights Tribunal
  • BC Oil & Gas Commission
  • Public Guardian Trustee of BC
  • Community Legal Assistance Society (CLASBC)
Watch for more partnerships to be announced soon! Here are some of the annotations were added to QS Online in April:
  • Katherine Hardie, British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal – Human Rights Code
  • Laura Johnston, Community Legal Assistance Society – Mental Health Act
  • Anita Mathur, BC Oil & Gas Commission - Oil and Gas Activities Act
Learn more about Quickscribe Online and the valuable role it can play in your provincial legislative research here - better yet, sign up for a free trial to see the service in action!