Friday, December 09, 2016

Roundup of #clawbies2016 Nominations to Date

We're a little over a week into the 11th annual Clawbies, and already more than 40 different blogs, vlogs, and podcasts are in the running. We'll add to this list as more nominations roll in.

Have you made your nominations in the Canadian Law Blog Awards yet? You've got until December 22nd (fine print for the nomination process here) - and don't forget to use the hashtag #clawbies2016!

Blogged nominations:
  •  Erik Magraken at BC Injury Law & ICBC Claims Blog (Social Media for Law Firms, Thoughtful Legal Management, and Slaw)
  • Samantha Collier at Social Media for Law Firms (BC Injury Law & ICBC Claims Blog, Clio Blog, Thoughtful Legal Management)
  • Ronalee Carey Law ( Liz's Blog, Russ Weninger's Immigration Newsletter, Capelle Kane Blog)
  • Leonid Sirota at Double Aspect ( À qui de droit, Juris Blogging, IdeaBlawg + some additional recommendations)
  • CCLA staffers at Robeside Assistance (Michael Spratt, Labour Pains, McElroy Law)
  • Shaun Berstein at News from the Break Room (Labour Pains, Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada, FamilyLLB)
  • Law Society of Saskatchewan Library staffers at Legal Sourcery ( AvoidAClaim, Michael Spratt, Robeside Assistance)
  • ABlawg (âpihtawikosisân, First Peoples Law, Reconciliation Syllabus)
  • Lawyer Locate (Toronto Family Law Blog, Legal Logik Blog, Ontario Criminal Defence Blog)
  • Energy Insider (ABlawg, Administrative Law Matters, Precedent Magazine)
  • Lisa Stam at Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada (Doug Macleod, Michael Spratt, Sean Bawden, First Reference)
  • Municipal Matters (Alcohol & Advocacy, Wood Bull Blog, Michelle Kelly's Condo Law Blog)
  • StartupSource (Michael Geist, Law & Innovation, The Court)

 Tweeted nominations:

Monday, December 05, 2016

Recently Added Annotations on Quickscribe 2.0

Here are a couple of new annotations recently added to Quickscribe 2.0:
Quickscribe 2.0 is a better way to research, track and collaborate on BC legislation, and includes annotations by 25 local legal professionals. Sign up for your free trial at