Friday, January 19, 2018

New Year... New VALL Website!

I'm pleased to relay the VALL twitter account's announcement of the association's newly launched website!
Feel free to surf on over, or peek at this screen cap below:

Many thanks to my colleague-in-crime, Joni Sherman, VALL's webmaster. Joni liaised back and forth with the VALL Executive reviewing various association websites, narrowing template choices, and then ultimately converting page-after-page of web content from the old Drupal site into WordPress.

We'll be looking into adding new plugins and features in the future; but for now it was enough to get a good portion of the legacy content over and launch the site.

Cheers to you, Joni! We made a great team!

Friday, January 05, 2018

Quickscribe Annotations for December 2017

Below are the BC legislative annotations from Quickscribe in December 2017.
Quickscribe 2.0 is an easy and effective way to research, track and collaborate on BC legislation. If you haven't explored, there is a free trial.