Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quickscribe Manuals Update for March 2011

Only one Quickscribe Manual received updates in March:
Please keep in mind that daily updates to BC legislation are always available at

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BC's LSS Launches the ELAN Blog

If you care about legal aid in British Columbia, be sure to check out the Legal Services Society's new blog: Electronic Legal Aid News (ELAN).

Here's the About Us description:
"The ELAN blog is intended primarily for community workers, other intermediaries, librarians, and the general public. It focuses primarily on promoting Legal Services Society (LSS) services and resources and how they can help community workers’ clients and those assisted by intermediaries. The secondary focus is on services, events, and resources of selected non-profit organizations delivering other legal aid-related services."
It's well written, informative, and a great new channel for the LSS!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CANLII RSS Search Feeds for Decisions

This is a feature I've thought was needed for a while now ... CanLII will now let you create an RSS feed based upon a search query.

This is obviously great news for anyone monitoring recent decisions and wanting to filter the volume down to a manageable number. Hopefully there will also be an impact on:
  • current awareness for practice groups;
  • monitoring niche terms infrequently mentioned;
  • key company names within a particular industry;
  • creating monthly case roundups; and
  • media and journalists monitoring decisions.
For the RSS savvy crowd, search feeds should prove extremely valuable. Well done CanLII!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dye & Durham Acquires Northern Registry Services

A big congratulations goes out to Stem clients Dye & Durham Corporation, who expanded their Northern BC operations in a big way today by acquiring Northern Registry Services out of Prince George.

Northern Registry Services will now operate under the Dye & Durham name, adding more regional support to clients based in the northern parts of the province. The additional office also complements D&D's existing operations located in Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford and New Westminster.

Things are certainly busy over at D&D these days... Last week the LTSA announced phase one of mandatory e-filing, causing a jump in interest surrounding the company's E-Tray™ web-application. E-Tray™ works as a gateway between law firms and the various Canadian provincial LTO's -- either on the ground, or via their electronic filing systems (EFS). Last week also saw D&D announce new registry support for filings in New Brunswick and Newfoundland!

So I offer my 'well done' to everyone at Dye & Durham! Your continued innovation and success are great to see.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Quickscribe Manuals Update for February 2011

One Quickscribe Manual received updates in the month of February:
And remember, daily updates to BC legislation are always available at

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