Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#Clawbies2014 Nomination Roundup

The Canadian Law Blog Awards started here on the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog way back in 2006, and even though they've got their own domain now (www.clawbies.ca), we always like to come back to this space in mid-December to share a roundup of nominations to date. There's still one week left to get your blogged, tweeted or emailed nominations in, so keep 'em coming!

Blogged nominations:

  • Sarah Roussel-Lewis on behalf of the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library (FamilyLLB, Wise Law, The Court)
  • Russell Alexander at Family LLB (Avoid a Claim, David Whelan, Ontario Condo Law Blog)
  • Paul Daly at Administrative Law Matters (Double Aspect, Colin Lachance, Bora Laskin Law Library)
  • Yosie Saint-Cyr at First Reference Talks (Labour Pains, Youth and Work, Global Workplace Insider)
  • Yves Faguy at the National Magazine Blog ( À bon droit, Double Aspect, CanLII Connects)
  •  Leonid Sirota at Double Aspect (Administrative Law Matters, À bon droit, Michael Spratt)
  • ABlawg (CanLII Connects, Administrative Law Matters, Susan on the Soapbox, IFLS Blog & Slaw)
  • JP Boyd on Family Law (ABlawg, CanLII Connects, The Stream, barbara findlay, Lawdiva, Fertility Law Canada)
  • Lisa Silver at IdeaBlawg (CanLII Connects)
  • Karim Renno at À bon droit (CanLII Connecte, Double Aspect, Administrative Law Matters + runners up National Magazine Blog, SOQUIJ, Barry Sookman, Yves Boisvert, Letters Bloggatory)
  • Laura Easton at Davis (Legal Feeds Blog, ABlawg)
Selected tweeted nominations:

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Quickscribe Manual Updates for November 2014

Just one Quickscribe Manual update to mention this month: the BC Labour Legislation manual was updated in November.

Get daily updates to BC stats and regs at www.bclegislation.ca, a free service offered by Quickscribe.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Clawbies Season Now Underway!

December 1st is a crazy but fun day for us at Stem... it's Clawbies kickoff day! The 9th annual Canadian Law Blog Awards recognize our country's best and brightest legal bloggers, and this year's launch post has a special Canuck twist... head on over to Clawbies.ca to read more :)

Which law or law-related blogs can't you do your job without? Which ones consistently make you hit "share"? Which ones merit a fist pump when you spot a new post? We want to hear about them all. Hope to see your nominations soon!

P.S. We'll be tracking the tweeted and blogged nominations as they roll in... check back here mid-December for a roundup.