Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Quickscribe 2.0 Features Expert Annotations

Better late than never - that's how we feel about mentioning Quickscribe 2.0, the new and revamped version of its popular online BC legislation platform, which officially debuted in mid-August.

The system has been redesigned with the theme of "Annotate. Collaborate. Inform." and in our view, the most noteworthy addition is the expert annotations. Look for nearly 20 BC lawyers' annotations to cases in their respective areas of expertise; you may recognize JP Boyd and Erik Magraken's names from their popular blogs.

JP Boyd, Quickscribe 2.0's family law annotator, highlights a few of the major benefits of the new system:
"the new version will make a very useful addition to the family law lawyer's tool box. First, Quickscribe is likely the only way you're going to get your hands on a complete electronic copy of the Family Law Act without having to jump between parts. Second, the case law is developing at such a rapid pace, that you need a way of faster way keeping up with developments than waiting for the next practice manual or white book; users' ability to make public annotations could give us an extraordinarily useful resource. Third, a number amendments have already been made to the act, and more are in the pipeline, that we need to keep on top of — it's reasonable to assume that still more amendments will be made in the months and years ahead as further wrinkles in the new act are discovered."

To try out the new system for free, visit www.Quickscribe.bc.ca and click "Free Trial".

Friday, October 03, 2014

Quickscribe Manual Updates for September 2014

One Quickscribe Manual update to share this month: the BC Forest Legislation Manual. A quick reminder, too, that free daily updates to BC legislation can be found at www.bclegislation.ca, operated by Quickscribe.