Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 Pacific Legal Technology Conference

On Friday Oct 2, 2015, the ninth Pacific Legal Technology Conference will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Once again I am lucky enough to be on the program presenting, this time with Darin Thompson from the BC Ministry of Justice and my old friend Michael Roman from Clark Wilson LLP. We'll be speaking on the IAIT2 panel session titled, Emerging Canadian Legal Technology.

The focus will be on new and emerging Canadian legal tech products, web services and SaaS offerings, and hopefully cover a wide enough sampling of companies that everyone in the audience can discover something new. After reviewing a dozen (or so) new Canadian services, Darin Thompson will also discuss how Governments are looking to leverage cloud infrastructures, and the potential impacts of that direction for law firms. As an example, he will present a short case study for a project he's been working on, involving the use of ODR for BCs Civil Resolution Tribunal.

The session should have both a good survey/discovery component, and a more detailed example with Darin's piece. Getting it all in under an hour will be the tricky part! But we're hoping the outcome will be the same: to provide some practical context as to what's happening within the Canadian legal cloud in 2015.

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Quickscribe Annotations Update for August 2015

Here's a look at which legislation on Quickscribe 2.0 received new annotations in August -- you'll find expert commentary from:
  • Peter Roberts, Lawson Lundell LLP – Partition of Property Act
  • Michael Hargraves, Stewart, McDannold, Stuart – Community Charter
  • Paul Wilson, Fasken Martineau – Consultation and Notification Regulation 279/2010, Drilling and Production Regulation 282/2010, Oil & Gas Activities Act, Petroleum and Natural Gas Act

Quickscribe 2.0 has more than 20 local legal professionals providing annotations for BC legislation. To sign up for a free trial, visit