Friday, February 26, 2010

While I Was Away...

I'm pleased to say that I arrived home this past Monday night from a 10-day break in Maui! I'd tell you it wasn't 1:00 AM before we got into Vancouver, but I'm doubting anyone will feel sorry for me. ;)

That said, it was the first extended break I've taken since I started Stem back in August 2007. It was also totally needed & I appreciate our clients patience. I'd also like to thank the people that made it possible: Laurel, Emma & Jordan.

Case in point, this week's Blawg Review (#252) was researched, drafted, and published sans Steve. Full credit to Mr. Furlong for crafting such a beast [As an aside, that concept alone confirms JF is geeky enough to work at our company. Just saying ...]; but also full credit to my friends in the trenches: Emma & Laurel.

I'm also proud of some great projects we got out this month. These were summarized nicely in our Feb. client roundup that went up a few hours ago.

And finally, I have a new column up this week at Slaw on domain names & law firms. Please drop by if you can.

I'm looking forward to blogging more regularly in March, and have a great new client project based in the BC market that I hope to announce very soon.


Best 2009 SCC Judgements: The Court Creates "The Ozzy Awards"

Hat tip to Library Boy, you gotta like the creativity on this one: Osgoode Hall Law School's blog The Court announces the best SCC decisions from 2009, the First Annual OZZY Awards.

Categories include:
  • Criminal Judgment of the Year
  • Civil Judgment of the Year
  • Charter Judgment of the Year
  • Concurring Opinion of the Year
  • Dissenting Opinion of the Year
  • Most Disappointing Refusal of Leave
  • Judge of the Year
  • Judgment of the Year