Thursday, October 28, 2010

Road Trip Aftermath

I'm digging out this week after an 11-day road trip to speak at the North Carolina Bar's Marketing Bootcamp and sitting on a social media panel for the College of Law Practice Management's 2010 Futures Conference. Both were wonderful experiences.

On the first leg of the trip, I spent time with friends Christine & Erik Mazzone in RDU and Chapel Hill, NC. Think we toured through every good culinary offering in the region. Especially memorable was visiting a hole-in-the-wall NC BBQ place with the Mazzone's and Jack Newton from Clio.

Part two of the trip led to DC, which was a first for me. I only had a half-day to hike around the mall area to see the White House, Congress building, the US Supreme Court and the Library of Congress building. Next time out I want to hit the museums in more serious fashion. It was fantastic on so many fronts, especially the architecture ... and the guards with automatic weapons at the corner of each American institution.

My first three days back this week have been spent responding to email. In the coming weeks I suspect we'll have a bunch of new projects to announce over at Stem: McClanahan Myers Espey is on the verge of launching a new website; Waterstone is finalizing their first blog; and HKLLP is expanding their new website on Paxil side-effects & Pregnancy. On the solo/SF front, Jonathan Rosenfeld is adding more content areas to his Nursing Home Injuries & Bed Sores websites; as is Ron Chapman on his Federal Criminal Lawyer FAQ and Florida Criminal Records sites. Phoenix DUI Lawyer Lawrence Koplow was interviewed on local radio station KTAR, and seems to have his blogger hat back on. Good to see, all around.

There's a bunch of other projects in the works, and we really need to be better about putting out Stem news items. And while I'm thinking of it, I highly recommend Jordan's new post on maximizing your biography text within your twitter profile.

So as you might have guessed, this is my long-winded excuse for the lack of posts in October. Thinking I can double my output next month without a problem. Cheers!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Quickscribe Manuals Updates for September

Three Quickscribe Manuals received updates in September:
And as always, daily updates to BC legislation are available at

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