Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dye & Durham Acquires Northern Registry Services

A big congratulations goes out to Stem clients Dye & Durham Corporation, who expanded their Northern BC operations in a big way today by acquiring Northern Registry Services out of Prince George.

Northern Registry Services will now operate under the Dye & Durham name, adding more regional support to clients based in the northern parts of the province. The additional office also complements D&D's existing operations located in Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford and New Westminster.

Things are certainly busy over at D&D these days... Last week the LTSA announced phase one of mandatory e-filing, causing a jump in interest surrounding the company's E-Tray™ web-application. E-Tray™ works as a gateway between law firms and the various Canadian provincial LTO's -- either on the ground, or via their electronic filing systems (EFS). Last week also saw D&D announce new registry support for filings in New Brunswick and Newfoundland!

So I offer my 'well done' to everyone at Dye & Durham! Your continued innovation and success are great to see.


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