Friday, February 24, 2006

BCCLS 'What's New?' Now RSS Enabled!

A hidden gem of the BC legal market is now available for your RSS feed reader!

I just received an email from Mandy Ostick, Virtual Library Manager at the BCCLS, announcing that the What's New blog (& the source for items on the BCCLS homepage) is now available via RSS. While the feed is becoming less and less of the story here (see also UBC's recent announcement), what's more important is the source of this quality content.

Here's the official description: "What's New is a current awareness service from the BC Courthouse Library Society that covers notable cases, BC and federal legislation, recent reports, websites of interest to legal researchers, and our own news, including recent library acquisitions."

And now here's the unofficial scoop: Librarians & Techs at the BCCLS are on the ball, and spend their time watching what most Lawyers in BC wish they had time for. I've blogged a number of items in the past that were found first by the gang over at the BCCLS. Simply put, if you're RSS enabled in the BC legal community, this is a must have. (Subscribed!)


Blogger Betsy McKenzie said...

Dear Steve,
I am pleased to meet you, find your blog and get clued into these excellent other blogs! Hey!
Betsy McKenzie

6:54 PM  

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