Monday, January 30, 2006

The Google Cache Decision

I've been reading a number of postings regarding the Google cache & copyright decision, and have posted some thoughts for discussion over at Slaw.

Related to this, check out Law Pundit's collection of blogosphere commentary.

Unlike Scott, who calls it "a sensible decision", I'm having some trouble seeing how it balances the rights of both online users and publishers.

For the record, I'm in favour of Google caching, or the Internet Archive caching. The larger problem around the web right now is the trend towards re-purposing the content of others. And I would rather consent (via the robots.txt standard) to let the 'good guys' in, than be forced to deny each and every 'bad guy' looking to cache my content... It's a very slippery slope to call the caching of online content 'fair use'.


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