Tuesday, February 07, 2006

RSS Feeds Article by CBA Practice Link

I have a few quotes in the new CBA Practice Link article on RSS Feeds by Janet Ellen Raasch, part 2 in the CBA-PL's 3 part series on new media marketing.

After a couple of reads, I think I like the article. It goes beyond online marketing, and discusses the use of RSS for both internal communications and current awareness. The push-pull theme is also very appropriate, and needs to be part of the discussion. For RSS to really strike a cord, many Lawyers will also need to become RSS consumers.

It's also worth noting the excellent quote from Feedburner's Rick Klau - "Remember that Web site designers are not always content strategists". Isn't that the truth! Having a content strategy can be the biggest difference between having a 'URL enabled business card' and a website that actually connects with clients and potential clients.

Finally, one of the privileges of having a blog is the ability to clarify. Near the end of the article, the point is made that "most legislation, regulation, case law and journal information is now available with an RSS feed". This isn't entirely true (yet). Alberta QP has feeds, and I know QP LegalEze here in BC will be following shortly. Slaw also has a great list of Canadian legal journals. Case law wise? we're still waiting... I do believe that these resources will be RSS enabled in the near future, and am hopeful for 2006. It's these primary core sources that, if we can filter them properly to our lawyer's desktops, will allow RSS to make a difference to their daily practice.


Blogger Connie said...

Go, Steve, go! Great job. I will have to share this with my office.


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