Sunday, September 26, 2010

CanLII Introduces Tables of Contents for Legislation Databases

As of September 24, CanLII's statute and regulation databases for BC, Ontario and Quebec now include automatically-generated Tables of Contents. CanLII promises that the same soon will follow for other jurisdictions. The blog sets out some details:

Statutes and regulations from British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec have been republished with automatically generated tables of contents and HTML anchors to parts' headings, sections and subsections.

The tables of content that were already available at the federal level were also improved for better readability.

You will navigate more easily within legislative texts from these four databases. You will also be able to establish hyperlinks to specific parts, sections and subsections. For instance, a link to subsection 54(3.1) of the federal Broadcasting Act, S.C. 1991, c. 11 can be established with the following URL:

This feature will be implemented to other legislative databases in the coming months.

The announcement is on the CanLII blog.

Thanks to Courthouse Libraries BC for the heads up.

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