Friday, August 27, 2010

VALL Loses Pioneer Law Librarian

Some very sad news this week via current VALL President Elizabeth Kinersley. Marjorie Keddy, one of VALL's most beloved members and our Association's first honoured member passed away on August 12th, 2010.

A copy of her obituary is available in the local press. To do proper justice, however, I'll point you to this tribute published in the VALL Review (pg. 2 of the PDF). Over the course of a 38 year career, Marjorie had a hand in many of the law libraries in Vancouver. Most of the older major firms in the city have her finger prints somewhere on their collections.

As Diana Inselberg describes Marjorie in her tribute, "she was the den mother of private law librarians". Still a beautiful statement.

Marjorie will be missed.


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