Thursday, September 02, 2010

Historical Context for KF Modified

Tim Knight, who runs the KF Modified Blog, has dug up a document from 1970 that provides some context into KF Modified's origin; or as Tim puts it, The Manitoba-Windsor-York Co-Operative Classification & Cataloguing Scheme.

In my non-cataloguer description, KF Modified is a Canadian 'hack' of the KF Classification, altered to give subject classification priority over jurisdictional divisions. KF modified was originally developed in response to the Library of Congress, and how LC would group all common law publications from the US together, followed by all common law materials from other countries.

Now, a request for help... Unfortunately, Tim's discovery didn't come with an author. If you have a long time personal history with Canadian legal cataloguing (or know someone who does), please take a look and see if you recognize the document.


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