Monday, August 30, 2010

Google's Demo Push of HTML5

It's a worthy demonstration of what the future web browser will be like. The link above creates a personalized music video using HTML5, integrating the address of your childhood home [via Google maps & street] view, and letting you write a note to your younger self. It's impressive, and given today's coverage around the tech blogs, I'm not the only one who think so.

You will need an HTML5 compliant browser to see it. That list includes both Google's Chrome & Firefox. Google takes a chippy shot at Microsoft, noting that IE won't run it. Had to be expected, right? ;)

Nonetheless, it's an interesting plug for the coming interactive HTML5 web standard. Don't be surprised when your browser launches a bunch of new windows; but then watch as the audio & visual pieces float in between them.

Perhaps I just wanted to be impressed by this, especially in light of so much current pondering of the web's future, and our current fixation on closed app environments (Yup, we're doing it too). But this is creative, and cool, and anything but the cookie cutter approach that the Apple's & FB's of the world are giving us.


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