Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Survey for CCCT Legal Information Clearinghouse

The Canadian Centre for Court Technologies (CCCT) has put together a team with the assigned mandate to develop "an on-line Clearinghouse for information on technology and the courts". Members of this team include: Louise Hamel, David Whelan, Diana J. Lowe, Brad Albrecht, Gordon R. Kelly, Dominic Jaar, and Olivier Jaar.

One of the initial steps in their planning efforts is a quick 5-minute survey for members of the Canadian legal community. Please consider taking part prior to their deadline of December 3rd.

Once again, it's nice to see law librarians embedded within the CCCT's online agenda. Dominic Jaar does a great job of keeping each stakeholder group involved, including the regular participation of librarians. And while I'll disclose that I've helped (mildly) in an advisory capacity in the past, I would feel this way in any event -- the level of respect that the CCCT shows our profession should be commended.

Now go take their survey. :)


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