Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Playing Blogger Catch-up

After a big gap in blogging activity over the past couple weeks, I'm faced with a couple alternatives... ignore all the blog worthy stuff that's happened recently, or consolidate & respond. Albeit in a limited way.

Normally I'd pick-up and move on topic wise, but this is one of those times where a little retro response seems to fit. So here we go...
  • First up, a big congratulations to Ron Friedmann on his new SVP role with legal vendor Integreon. A bit sad to see Ron's consulting practice close, but his fit with Integreon's expertise - outsourced legal & knowledge services - looks like a great match. I wish him the best of luck!

  • I had noted Nick Holmes update on the growth of UK law blogs as another possible post, and then Nick went and included me in his top-10, to which I'm very honoured. And please ignore the mutual back-slapping here, but if you enjoy my entries, Nick and his blog Binary Law are right at the top of my list too.

  • Michelle Golden made us re-think the basics when it comes to visual images -- Smiles Sell, and showing "some teeth" can do wonders. So advise your stoic peers, it may be time for a photo makeover!

  • Connie Crosby posted over on Slaw that Canadian legal publishers are now all offering RSS feeds as a method of watching for new products. Very cool, and a big thanks to each of them.

  • Rob Golbeck at my old Canadian law firm is settling into his new role as the firm's Webmaster. And since the firm has continued its relationship with me, as Stem's first client, Rob and I still get to work together. To which we're both thankful.

  • And finally, I'm starting a new article series on Slaw called Web Law Connected, with the first article addressing the concept of Thought Leadership, and the building of online expertise within the legal profession.
Yes a hodge-podge, I know... But if only for my own reference purposes, well worth capturing.


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