Friday, September 28, 2007

Pacific Legal Tech 2007

The Pacific Legal Technology Conference is getting set for another run here in Vancouver on October 10th. And they've just updated their website, so please do check it out!

I'm also happy to announce that for the first time, I'm going to have the honour of being one of the speakers! I'll be doing two sessions at this year's event.

First up, I'll be joining Doug Jasinski from Vancouver's Skunkworks and Kevin O'Keefe from Seattle based Lexblog in a truly West Coast flavoured session on legal web marketing (TIP3). This exact group did a similar session on the topic of law blogs for the Vancouver LMA last year, and it offered a great mix of perspectives. Hopefully we can replicate that same feeling, and still expand the topic to cover all the new web marketing strategies & directions that are currently available.

And for the second session, Kevin and I are pulling together a talk on Innovative Uses of Legal Technology (TIP4). I'm hoping to cover a mix of both public facing web strategies, and also look at some of the ways in which law firms are innovating in-house behind the firewall. Obviously Kevin and I are both web guys, so this won't likely be much of a gadget session. I look at things with a bent towards the efficiency of content delivery -- a Librarian / KM guy's thought pattern -- so please don't expect me to build a scanner from your camera phone. ;)

Looking forward to seeing some friendly faces on October 10th! PLTC registration info is here.


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