Friday, September 21, 2007

LawMatters. Yes it Does.

Very cool project announced today by the BCCLS called LawMatters.

Supported by the Law Foundation of British Columbia, the LawMatters project has the BCCLS teaming up with Public Libraries to increase access to BC legal resources. These are the objectives cited in the press release:
  • Financial assistance for purchase of appropriate legal resources
  • Bibliographies of recommended current resources!
  • Research guides on specific legal topics
  • Training for public library staff
  • Reference and referral support
  • Consultation and advice for local libraries
This is a very smart initiative, and gives the BCCLS an opportunity to expose their in-house expertise in some very fundamental ways, namely: resource training, material support, telephone and email consultation, and general consulting.

Also worth noting, the BCCLS is going to work on behalf of PLE (Public Legal Education) publishers to get their materials distributed within the Public Library system.

This is the type of infrastructure project that may not get noticed, or hit the front page of our local newspapers, but you can bet it's going to have an impact. Kudos to the BCCLS & the Law Foundation for finding new ways to support PLE. We're all the better for it.

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