Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Top 25 Librarian Bloggers List

Lots of traffic today related to OEDb's list of Top 25 Librarian Bloggers, of which this blog peaked in at number 17. And while being included in a list like this is always an honour, I've got to wonder how one of the top librarian blogs got omitted? Hmm. Let's just call it very odd.

Now, crazy methodologies aside, lists like these do have some positive effects. I can see definite value to increasing exposure to the profession, and to the good things Librarians bring to the blogosphere. Especially for those of us down on the 'C' list. :-)

And secondly, lists can force many of us (one notable exception being that perceptive Librarian who got omitted - see above) to do what we don't do often enough - check out what we're missing!

So in that spirit, I'm lifting a copy of all 55 librarian blogs that were examined. Read, enjoy and subscribe!
2The Shifted Librarian
4Free Range Librarian
5Law Librarian Blog
6A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette
7The Travelin' Librarian
8Walt at Random
9Filipino Librarian
10h20boro lib blog
12The Ubiquitous Librarian
13Confessions of a Science Librarian
15Google Librarian Central
16The Days & Nights of the Lipstick Librarian
17Vancouver Law Librarian Blog
18Annoyed Librarian
20Connie Crosby
21The Handheld Librarian
22The Other Librarian
23Alternative Teen Services
24Jason the Content Librarian
25The Krafty Librarian
28The Cool Librarian
29A Librarian At The Kitchen Table
31Feel-good Librarian
32Theoretical Librarian
33OA Librarian
34The Illustrated Librarian
35Travels with the State Librarian
36Hyperactive Librarian
37OPL Plus
38Union Librarian
39Becoming a Librarian
40CogSci Librarian
41News from Nancy, State Librarian of Michigan
42Librarian on the edge
43The Patent Librarian's Notebook
44Information Literacy Librarian
45Connecting Librarian
46Bad Girl Librarian
47Spartanburg County Public Libraries
48Virtual Library Cat's Eye View
49baa baa... blog of a craftylibrarian
50The Itinerant Poetry Libriarian
51The Rabid Librarian's Ravings in the Wind
52The Indie Librarian
53Grassroots Librarian
54Strategic Librarian
55Library Science, not Rocket Science

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Blogger Steven said...

Well, their fuzzy math is one reason why I not added to the list. Well, not fuzzy math, but fuzzy measurement skills.

In hindsight, I think it was a PR stunt to get inlinks...and it worked. ;-)

7:27 PM  

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