Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear BC Lawyers: Please Help!

Dear BC Lawyers,

Do you have some opinions on what the future should look like for online legal research? Want to support BC law libraries? Well, now is the time to share.

The BC Courthouse Library Society is asking for your help to improve their website and serve you better. All you have to do is take this short 3-minute web survey!

Plus, and here comes the big sales pitch, you could win one of two 8G iPod Touch devices in the process. (see image, pretty cool, right?)

The BCCLS is a not for profit organization and a registered charity. Their funding comes from the Law Society of British Columbia, the Law Foundation of BC, the Ministry of Attorney General, and donations from around the province.

If you've used the Courthouse library's services in the past, you already know how committed these people are. They are also one of the biggest regional investors when it comes to new web technology - both as it pertains to legal research, and also how it supports the BC legal community.

Please show your support!

Kind regards,
Steve Matthews

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