Monday, April 21, 2008

Martindale Blog - Where's Sami?

I'm a bit late posting this, but Martindale has responded to my laundry list of blog design problems posted on February 5th. And just in time! ... for Kevin to drop another laundry list in their hands. Nasty Kevin, just nasty... ;)

On the plus side: blogger profiles, photos and archives have now been added. The other elements I noted are critical too, so let's hope they'll keep making improvements.

But now I have a new question: Where's Sami Hero?

Absent from those blogger profiles is the guy who took ownership & admirably responded to my original critique. I also note that after a substantial amount of blogging activity, Sami now hasn't posted since February 22nd.

Ok guys, fess up. What's going on?



Blogger Sami said...

Hi Steve,

I fess up - I have been way up to my ears on building a new global ecommerce platform for our group that's eaten practically all my wake hours for the last several months.

I need to get my profile updated on Martindale and work on some new postings that I'll probably do this week as I am supposed to be on vacation... Luckily my wife and 4 kids are fairly understanding of their workaholic spouse/father.

On a plus side, my 10 year old son started a blog on his favorite Pokemon(r) characters ;-)

Thanks Steve for giving the needed nudge to get me focused on this important topic...

Take care,


11:40 AM  
Blogger Steve Matthews said...

Ah ha! mystery solved. ;)

Keep pushing them Sami! Open comments & trackbacks are next, right?

3:22 PM  
Blogger Barry Solomon said...

Thanks for nudging Sami. I also love hearing his voice on our blog. And if my face is there, his should be too!

We did take your suggestion regarding open comments. Check it out. We just removed the need to register when commenting.

With respect to trackbacks, however, that'll take a little time. As Jon Lin says in the response you linked to, our longer term plan is to implement a rich community platform which includes blogging capabilities.

Keep the comments coming Steve. Your original laundry list has helped us improve and we appreciate it.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Sami said...

Hi Steve and Barry,

Barry has kept on nudging me and this morning I actually took the keyboard and hacked together some thoughts based on the ABA young lawyers study on social networking that Larry Bodine so well covered in LTN. I've been thinking a lot about the topic and particularly the value equation - how do we create value for the users and how do we figure out what functionality/content combo provides the right value for the different kinds of users.

Value is also very loaded word - I perceive value completely differently as the next person. I love great engaging service for instance while someone else might find it annoying and intrusive... (remind me to blog about La Tour restaurant in NJ). So it's a very personal thing and trying to figure out what "everyone" expects is next to impossible.

So I will keep on writing when I think I have some meaningful to say... I tend to take a long time to think what I might put down and then it comes real quick. That's what made me get out of writing code - it became more of a job vs. art (yep, I promised stuff in 2 weeks... thought about it for 12 days and then wrote it in 2 without sleep - not a great approach).

Enough rambling - hope you can read my post on the blog.

7:09 PM  

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