Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday Morning with Matthew Homann

Well, Monday morning hits and I'm seriously sleep deprived (yup, kids fault...). I've got my cup of coffee in hand, and am ready to start the day with a tour of my RSS feeds.

I'm flipping through and nothing is really note worthy, but then I hit Matthew Homann's blog 'the [non]billable hour'. I've read this blog for a while now, but let me tell you, this guy is on for a monday morning!

He starts with a story about some MIT Students that created the ultimate academic paper writing software. Then he goes on to highlight a blog that makes the point that Managers Don't Have to Know How To Do Everything.

Next up, he blogs 'And if they are from St. Louis, Don't forget to ask where they went to High School'. Well I'm not from St. Louis, and have no clue, but he picks out a fantastic point about prospecting potential contacts - find out where they grew up & where they went to college. Nice!

And finally, he goes right off the map with 'What Would Vader Do?'. Matthew found Darth Vader's blog? Wow. Ok, I was impressed with the first three postings, but this takes the cake...

Anyone want a lesson in how to blog?

The first three postings are great because they didn't just redirect the user to something Matthew liked, they identified the valued information, and left it up to the reader to take it further. And the last post? It was completely filtered towards the selected audience, AND it was completely unexpected... Well sort of, Matthew has a reputation about town... ;-)

Happy Monday!


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