Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Out and About

Getting back into the swing of blogging again, and figured I'd start here by itemizing some of the my personal publishing efforts of late. In no certain order, here's some of what I've been up to...

Over on Slaw.ca, my column went up last week on How Law Firms #fail at Social Media. I found this piece very helpful to write from a personal perspective. It really let me gather my thoughts on what law firms had to offer on social media. The relationship between "firm accounts" and "lawyer accounts" was a set of ideas that had been brewing for some time.

I also wrote an interesting post on the application of marketing spin to academic research. That's a lesson I keep trying to remind myself of... to try and step outside of the legal silo once in a while. See how other groups handle issues, technology, etc. Always fruitful. 

Going in another direction... Probably my best blogging effort in recent memory came in April when I did an email interviewed with my friend Susannah Tredwell. Her group blog, On Firmer Ground, discusses the value of law librarians, something I'm still very proud to be; and includes some great content too!  The interview tells my story about working inside law firms and discusses the challenge of adding "library value" to non-library services.

Small firm innovation, a group blog published by our clients Clio, has a rotating monthly theme on varying law practice topics. April's challenge was to find a missing mobile App from your life and write about it. I ended up going completely off-grid topic wise, and chose household monitoring. And while I'm sure Clio's community and content guru Gwynne Monahan is happy that I returned to writing for the site -- I'm also sure she'll be happier if I stay a little more "legal" in my topic selection next time. :)

And finally, over on Attorney at Work this past Friday, I had some nice quotes from Joan Feldman in her piece, Get Past Your Rookie Moves in Social Media. My coverage aside, I really enjoyed Joan's roundup of tips and ideas.

So that's it for me. As I said, I'm going to try writing more, especially over the summer. Posts might be shorter, or just pointers, but life is better when I find the time to write. Cheers!


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