Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Canada and Lawful Access in 2012

If you read around in the Canadian blogosphere in the last few days, you'll notice a growing amount of attention about upcoming Federal legislation on lawful access. Probably the clearest piece I've read on the topic to date is by David Fraser titled What lawful access is all about and why it matters.

Whether a SOPA-type protest is plausible in Canada, I don't know; but protecting Canadian online privacy standards would be an equally commendable goal to the recent backlash seen south of the border. As David says in his opening paragraph, this is a BIG DEAL, and Canadians should know this is a step backwards in terms of how much information law enforcement can know about them, without a warrant or judicial consideration.

Between mobile and internet tracking, we leave a digital trail behind us with substantial depth. Much more detailed than what's in the "telephone book"; and I would encourage you to see David's list to know the scale.

This is an important evolution for Canadians to understand, and it's a BIG DEAL because legislating warrantless access to our constant whereabouts, or the online services we use, undercuts the privacy standards we have traditionally known.

Count me in for another thumbs down. This just isn't right.


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