Thursday, December 09, 2010

"One really good idea every day!"

Jordan Furlong has a post up at Stem this morning, but I wanted to add my personal support to the new website Attorney at Work, which launched earlier today.

The idea behind this site is to give practicing lawyers "one really good idea every day" through their emailed daily dispatch. The content is intentionally styled in a short and factual manner, and intended to deliver each day's idea as succinctly as possible.

AAW is the brought to us by the team of Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, Joan Feldman and Mark Feldman. And full disclosure, both Jordan and myself are helping out. My first submission on the use of RSS readers is also published on the site.

There are more than 100 experts who have committed to contributing, and an advisory group that looks very strong. But most of all, I'm confident we can depend on Merrilyn, Joan and Mark to deliver the hard work and ongoing commitment required to make a project like this successful.

I wish them every success, and would encourage VLLB readers to check out their website ... and to consider subscribing. It's free, so why not? :)


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