Monday, December 15, 2008

New Blog from the VPD: Behind the Blue Line

An interesting new blog from the Vancouver Police Department titled Behind the Blue Line.

It's written by Sandra Glendinning, who currently works with the VPD Dog Squad. Here's a snippet from the About section:
Cst. Sandra Glendinning has been a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department since 1995 and is currently assigned to the Dog Squad. Cst. Glendinning hopes to use this blog to share with others what it is like to be a police officer in Vancouver, what it is like to work for the VPD, and how 'the job' has changed her view on many things.
The VPD look to have some innovative new projects going on these days, including a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. Sandra's blog also has a page dedicated to her partner, PSD Hondo, which does add a certain amount of charm to the site.

For anyone with an interest in the Dog Squad, this should provide a facinating window into that career. And one would think, pay dividends for the department's future recruiting efforts.

All things considered, a very web 2.0-esque strategy for police communications. Great to see such an interesting local effort. Kudos!


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