Monday, December 01, 2008

The VLLB Turns Four

As of yesterday, this blog has now been active for four years! wow.

I owe a lot to blogging. Even after my first year, I could see how the benefits were piling up. And now, four years later... well, it's indescribable. My life has completely changed because of personal web publishing, including a growing company based on some of the lessons learned.

But most of all, I blog because it's an outlet for me. It's a record of both my thoughts and reactions to life experience. And until you've done it for a while, I'm not sure you get how valuable it can be.

This blog has become much more of a personal blog in recent years, and the topics have expanded & shifted along the way. Not changed mind you, as I still like to track the use of information & knowledge within the legal industry, and being a librarian is still very important part of my life. Likely always will be.

The name, Vancouver Law Librarian Blog still resonates with me. I still take pride in my profession, and my fellow info-pro peers that deliver devil in the detail oriented work. Some people may visit this site & wonder what all this web stuff, technology & even marketing has to do with being a Librarian. But if you stay, and read a while longer, I think you'll see. It has everything to do with being a Librarian.

And if for no other reason than the fact that I get to be part of that perception change... then, I guess the VLLB has served its functionality.

Cheers! and thanks for reading! :)


Blogger Connie said...

Congrats, Steve! Happy 4 years!!


8:48 PM  

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