Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Voting Day 2008

I've just returned from voting in the Canadian election, and experienced an interesting twist to the new ID process in place this year. Not only was I asked my ID, which I had, but I was then quizzed on it!

Elections Canada rep: Do you have your ID?
SM: Yes I do. There you go.
Elections Canada rep: Please state your name and fixed mailing address?

Nothing I had read indicated that I would be subject to a pop quiz on my ID. Only that I must have my ID ready and waiting. Take comfort though; I thrive on executing under pressure.

Anyone care to venture a guess if they have stopped me from voting, had I answered 24 sussex drive?

Vote early vote often, I guess... And don't forget to memorize your dead uncle Phil's mailing address prior to your third polling station! Nice touch on that voter apathy problem...

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Blogger John G said...

I presume they made you recite the address to see if you did it like someone who knew it from long experience, rather than from just memorizing it from borrowed ID. My son the poll clerk has confirmed this as the instructions they received from the supervisors.

The Canada Blood Service does the same for blood donors - they take your card then ask you for your address and phone number (neither of which is on the card but which is in their files). Why they think there is a high risk that someone will try to donate blood though ineligible, I don't know.

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