Friday, September 26, 2008

Electronic Resource Review Blog from Nina Platt

I picked up on this from Slaw a few days ago,when Connie rightly recognized that supporting fellow entrepreneurial librarians (anyone got a list?) is a good thing. So I'm happy to relay that Nina Platt, owner and principal at Nina Platt Consulting, Inc., has another added another top-notch blog to her publishing network, Electronic Resource Review.

Nina already has two very popular blogs, Strategic Librarian and The Law Firm Intranet. But in amidst her writing on marketing, strategy, and planning, she discovered there are certain topics she “just can’t leave alone.” She saw potential for Electronic Resource Review, whose tagline is “news about new and existing electronic resources worth knowing about". How's that for good news?

Nina’s first couple of posts cover KM tools, company research services, and Google's recent newspaper digitization project. There won't be any shortage of material I imagine. The number of electronic resources available isn't exactly on a decline, and there seems to be a dearth of quality review websites, I think... So, go Nina! Well done. :)

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