Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New BC Renewable Energy Blog - MegaWatt!

Top marks go to the lawyers at Clark Wilson LLP's Energy Group on the new name for their BC renewable energy blog... MegaWatt!

Following in the footsteps of the firm's very successful Canadian Trademark Blog, this new entry into the Canadian blogosphere looks just as exciting. Led by the firm's Energy law co-chair Warren Brazier, the contributing group includes Jonathan Lotz, Shauna Towriss, and Michal Jaworski.

As most VLLB readers will know, I was a long time employee at the firm. And perhaps what interests me most about the launch, is that each of these individuals are senior or mid-level Associates at the firm. Each a rising star, and each receiving firm support to drive their individual profile. Even in a tough economy, the firm is providing an opportunity for their Associates to be entrepreneurial about their practice. Very impressive.

Those attributes, by the way, are consistent with my experience at the firm, and very typical of Clark Wilson's approach. Can't hurt for recruiting efforts either, right?

So I offer a big congratulations to all those involved! This looks like a very timely topic, in a big growth area for the Province. I also know that each of these individuals has a affinity for writing, so I have little doubt to their future success!

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