Tuesday, February 26, 2008

JD Supra is Now Live!

JD Supra - Legal Documents & Legal Forms CommunityAs noted over on my Stem blog, JD Supra launched this morning, and is now open for business!

Please drop by & check things out. And please help spread the word! It's not just lawyers who benefit from work product sharing. Librarians also benefit from great repositories like JD Supra. Any website that provides access to authoritative legal documents, filings, decisions & research is another wrench in the law librarian's toolbelt!

As Bonnie Shucha mentioned a while back, websites that take document ownership seriously also provide a mechanism for authority evaluation & trust. Having the opportunity to see the lawyer or law firm that's behind a shared document certainly helps in that manner.

And finally, feedback from Law Librarians is definitely welcome & wanted! If you see a feature that could be added, a helpful addition, or something that isn't working quite right, please let me know!


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Blogger Emma W said...


Another fantastic project. The internet has needed this for a long time! Congrats to you, Aviva, and the team.


3:52 PM  

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