Friday, February 15, 2008

Law.Librarians = KM micro-blogging?

Many VLLB readers will be familiar with twitter, the micro-blogging application that requires users to document ideas in less than 140 characters. Like my lack of blogging here, I admittedly haven't had the time to commit to my twitter account lately, and my non feed-based postings have been down. ... Yes ok, I'll be back on the bandwagon soon, but follow me here...

If you've been watching the law librarian blogoshpere recently, you may have picked up on the new law.librarians website. There's a bunch of us involved, but basically we're exploring micro-blogging outside of the twitter service using a new twitter-esque template - prologue.

So my question... Given that this type of service would be easily replicable (wordpress + prologue) behind the firewall, how useful would it be to get your practice or industry groups sharing 'bite-sized' KM & news? The group's skill set would have to be accounted for, but I can't imagine a faster application.

The forced brevity might also be a welcome addition. ;) ... Any thoughts out there?

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