Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JD Supra is Soooo Close!

I seriously can't wait for the doors to open to JD Supra.

Larry Bodine's just posted
about how the site is set to go live in a couple weeks time. CMOs and Marketing Directors will also want to take note of what Larry says at the end. There's a great opportunity right now to build your firm's custom profile and get a website preview simply by becoming a founding contributor!

I'm also happy to relay that we're going to co-launch a blog for JD Supra! The crew at Lexblog are working hard as we speak write!

I really pushed hard for this one (big surprise!). Mostly because I think not having Aviva Cuyler (JD Supra's founder) in the legal blogosphere would be a wasted opportunity. Aviva already enjoys reading other law blogs, and frankly, her passion for legal research, KM and content sharing will be a valuable focal point for JD Supra users. It's also a great opportunity to put a human face to the project and respond publicly to feedback & suggestions.

And finally, I mentioned this in my last JD Supra post, but I'm still very excited about how this site could become the next generation of public-facing legal KM. Sharing one's expertise via work product, and linking it to web marketing makes a lot of sense -- both for KM & marketing purposes. You can check out the list of contributing firms in Larry's post, and buy-in will definitely be a factor, but we're really looking good so far!

Did I say I can't wait? :)

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