Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Bloggers at the Canadian Trademark Blog

My friends over at the Canadian Trademark Blog have announced two new members to their blogging team. Joining the original group of Neil Melliship, Larry Munn and Karen Monteith will be Niamh Pollak and Jeffrey Vicq.

Jeff is new to the firm's Technology & IP group arriving post my departure. And while I've never met Jeff, I will note he's got some street cred among the law librarians -- a colleague at another local firm referred to him as a real "rising star & great guy". It's a pretty good sign when the librarians are singing your praises. :-)

Niamh Pollak, on the other hand, articled during my tenure and I know will be a great addition to the blog's authorship. Niamh's interests in video game law and web-based IP issues should expand the coverage, and make for very interesting reading.

Best of luck Niamh and Jeff. I'm looking forward to it!

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