Monday, December 10, 2007

Nina Platt's New Blog - Law Firm Intranets

Nina Platt has just launched a new blog dedicated to law firm Intranets. Many readers of the VLLB will be interested in this new blog, and the content looks simply fantastic.

While other blogs in this space are very strong on the technical side, Nina's commentary will speak to two elements of Intranet development that I find essential - stakeholder strategy & content analysis. When it comes to change management and getting buy-in, both are critical factors for success, in my books anyway... And if you're currently reading her Strategic Librarian blog, you know her writing style tends toward being practical and useful. I think we can expect more of the same here.

And for those closely tracking legal portals and Intranets, if you aren't already, I would also highly recommend watching the blogs of Ron Friedmann, Tom Baldwin and Doug Cornelius. Done properly, Portals and KM really do go together. All of the above writers get that.



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