Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog Networking for Introverts

Kevin O'Keefe has a great list of tips to help introverts utilize their blogs for business networking... definitely worth the click over.

I've been reading Kevin's blog for a few years now, and recently got to do a panel with him. One thing that really amazes me, is how much he believes in his technology. Not that he doesn't believe in his product too, but you always get the sense he's on a pulpit for professionals blogging, and doesn't need to put the 'hard sell' front & centre. I admire that tone for doing business, and think there's a few marketing lessons to be learned there too...

Back to the original topic... probably the best quote I've heard about blog networking was that "it's like 'working a room', only you don't have to touch people." :-) Funny quote, but a lot of truth too. Many of us cerebral types aren't always comfortable 'working a room'. Sure, it's a skill that can be learned (and should be), but why not play to our strengths? Many of us [Not sure if I should include myself here, but a little self-doubt goes a long way in life...] do great one-on-one, especially with the written word. And professional blogging, whether it's posting, commenting, or emailing behind the scenes is all about one-on-one. If it's your strength, why wouldn't you use it?


Blogger Kevin O'Keefe said...

Just got off the phone with a prospective client Steve where I talked of exactly this analogy - working the room. Except, I use the basketball arena analogy as rooms tend to be bigger on the net.

You can find the right arena by searching any term and adding the word blog and by doing a keyword search at Technorati. Then engage in a conversation with one group of folks on the arena floor. Those folks will learn about what you do and then by virtue of RSS & blogging a group up in the corner of the third level of the arena will also hear about what you do. Can't beat that. ;)

And thanks for mentioning my post. Your blog is very well received by a lot of people. So a nice compliment on your blog is much appreciated.

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