Friday, November 24, 2006

Linkout Friday - UK Law Blog Edition!

For this week's linkout (ok I've missed a few...), I'm going to recommend everyone expand their UK subscriptions beyond Scott Vine's Information Overlord. I've been reading these two blogs for a while, and have now promoted each to my blogroll:
  • Binary Law is written by Nick Holmes. Nick is a publishing consultant specialising in the UK legal sector, and Managing Director of infolaw. His blog is well written, and reflects many of the issues surrounding online information delivery I'm interested in. (Subscribed!)
  • Lo-Fi Librarian is a new-ish law blog, but I'm buying stock early. Check out this witty exchange we had over the 2000th Slaw comment. Lo-Fi's blog content is excellent, but it's that kind of entertaining writing style that makes it a winner. (Subscribed!)

Have a great weekend!


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