Thursday, March 24, 2005

On Vacation! Over & Out (For a while...)

Just to let everyone know, I'm off for the next week or so (back Apr. 4th!).

And unlike many others, when I'm gone, I'm really gone man! ... no email, no phone, no access, no way!!!! :-) I love the connectivity of new technology, but my personal rule is - full shutdown. I'm plugged into a computer 9.5 hrs every day (+ a 2 hr commute), so when my vacation time comes, I take it seriously, and make myself available on an emergency only basis.

This is also what I would call a level one vacation, where I work on my garden, play at home with my kids, maybe re-aquascape my aquarium - basically, I'm in the area, so it is possible to find me if things go horribly wrong. A level two vacation, like say our planned trip to Pender Island in the summer, will involve no access at all. Perhaps it's my cheap nature, but if I'm paying to go somewhere, I don't want anything to ruin it. And let's get real here, I'm just not that important. Somebody else can figure it out. ;-)

OK, that's all I got. See you next Monday.


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