Thursday, February 03, 2005

Weblogs and Podcasters, Oh My!

Two trends that are seemingly inescapable for Librarians these days - Weblogs (or Blogs, or for those of us in the legal sector - Blawgs), and Podcasting. In order to keep us law library folk up to speed, here are a couple of introductory primers that I think are really helpful.

Since you're reading my blog, I'm not going to go into any kind of explanation on this, but I will point you to Lis Riba's great primer on Weblogs (which I found via Steven Cohen's Library Stuff), called - what else - 'Weblogs in a nutshell'.

The second concept, Podcasting, is newer and kind of related to Blogs. Think of it as a blog for audio files (MP3 being the most likely format). Someone records themselves talking (or perhaps an audio file of a seminar), then uses a blog to distribute (or broadcast) the audio files.

Cindy Chick has a new post on LawLibTech that may describe the process better. For another take / explanation, click over to 'Invasion of the Podcasters'.


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