Thursday, December 23, 2004

The best thing about 2004...

Looking back at 2004, I'd have to say it was quite the year. Professionally I had some nice additions and milestones, and personally - well, I'll get to that. :-)

In January, I was asked to write a letter of reference for my friend Drew Jackson, who was (of all things) looking to go back to school and become a Librarian! I'm happy to say Drew's going to be starting the January 2005 intake at UBC SLAIS, and 16 months from now will be an exciting addition to our community.

Moving forward to March, our primary website for Clark, Wilson placed first in the IMA International Law Firm website category, which included prominent firms from around the world. The interesting thing about this story is that I wouldn't have thought to enter without the prompting of our Marketing Director Carina Bittel. As always, her creativity and vision make a big difference in my world.

In another March event, I crushed the competition in the Clark, Wilson hockey pool (my 2nd title in 5 years!!!). If I believed in wagering, I might have taken home $300. But rest assured, I returned any of the excess 'entry' fees. :-)

In June, I started on the VALL Executive as one of two Membership Coordinators (along with my wonderful colleague Elena Timoshchouk from McCarthy's). Given my young family and my 2 hours of commuting every day, I've always put off getting involved with VALL. Well, guess what? that was a mistake! I've got more out of VALL this year than the previous 4 years combined. Valerie Grace and the rest of the VALL Executive are a great group of people, and their positive energy has given me a real (to use an East Van expression) 'shot in the arm'.

The summer also saw the initial discussions of a Knowledge Management subsection for the Vancouver Association of Legal Administrators (VALA). By September, Gillian Crabtree had started to arrange things, and on November 23rd the first meeting was held. This group has fantastic potential, and is really making me look forward to 2005.

On the personal side, I became an Uncle for the first time on November 24th when my niece Hannah was born. I'm pretty proud of that. And...

Finally, the best thing about 2004, on February 11th, 2004 my daughter Amy was born! Just like her older brother Brendan, her face lights up when she sees me in a way I can't explain... I like being a Librarian and all, but my most rewarding position (with the least amount of training) is Daddy.

Seasons Greetings to all you Law Library folks (both near & far...), and may the best of 2005 arrive at your doorstep with little effort.


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