Friday, December 10, 2004

Create RSS Feeds for ALA or

I know many of you are using Bloglines, Feedster or another RSS aggregator to collect your daily news. I just found in Steven Cohen's Library Stuff blog a great way to create an RSS feed for any organization that has a news feed into Yahoo news.

Steven's already created ones for ALA, Whitehouse Press Releases, and American Medical Association press releases. Using his method I was able to add one for as well.

I wrote Steven to tell him about it, and he pointed out that the Yahoo news method offered up different results than the larger more current's Newswire RSS Feed (which I've surfed by a zillion times and hadn't seen). He also noticed that the Yahoo News method would be able to "narrow down legal articles that come out of AP" from Which in itself, could be a handy filtering method.

Another great method for Librarians looking to stay on top of things. Thanks Steven!


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