Thursday, December 02, 2004

Battle for Your 'Membership Dollar' Heating Up

I received two email notices this morning, each with an association membership promo.

The first email was from SLA WCC President Keith Low, reminding SLA members to take the viral approach, and sign up your Librarian friends. For every new sign-up you are eligible to win prizes like a PDA, and the SLA WCC would get a 'credit' which included additional perks at a chapter level.

The second email was from Susan Fox from AALL telling me that the Executive had just "Approved a "First Year Free" membership campaign to attract new members into AALL." Of note, there are only 14 of us from BC that belong to AALL (I just checked).

Two interesting techniques. One is putting its membership to work and rewarding them, and the other is offering up a 'free until 2006' approach.

We all only have so many membership dollars before our employer says 'no'. I personally belong to AALL, CALL and VALL, but not SLA; and I kind of think three is my limit. I like SLA, and think they deliver value through education and content like no other Association. I can't explain to you why SLA was the 'odd man out', it's just that something had to give.

My colleague Debbie Benson belongs to SLA but not AALL, which is our 'company' approach - you join one and I'll join the other. I think this is a pretty common.

If someone wants to convince me otherwise, please do. You could win a PDA!


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