Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More New Projects at Stem

We've got some great projects going on over at Stem right now, so rather than just commenting on trends and events from others, I'd like to offer a brief roundup on a couple pieces of my own work as of late.

JD Supra Law Centers: Yesterday on the Stem blog, we noted the launch of JD Supra's law centers. I won't re-hash what's in that post, but for librarians and information seekers generally, these community-driven pages are great topical filters, and really deliver a browsable solution to JD Supra's growing content collections.

Bed Sores FAQ: Another of our clients Jonathan Rosenfeld has compiled questions and answers from his Bed Sores blog category into a new FAQ website. The site breaks down issues related to prevention, treatment, and the liability aspects for hospitals & nursing homes.

For Stem though, this site represents a few things. First of all, we're using wordpress as a CMS and building our custom set of WP plugins to make these sites really effective. And strategy wise, we're taking a really old & traditional form of legal web content, FAQs, and making them very web 2.o & search friendly. ... This launch also comes on the heels of the Florida Criminal Records FAQ site we did for Ron Chapman in late March.

Congratulations to Randy McClanahan: Ok admittedly this one isnt' a project, but I do want to offer my congratulations to Randy McClanahan who was recently elected president of the Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists.

Finally I'd like to recognize my Stem team, aka Stemployees, aka our Winnipeg offices. :) Laurel & Emma are long overdue for a place on the Stem website, but for the interim I'd like to highlight their labour of love - a blog dedicated to moving from the West Coast to Winnipeg. See: Winnipeg O' My Heart, read their profiles, and expect more from our evolving creativity & collaboration. :)


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