Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Survey on the McGill Guide

Lots of surveys being done lately. The latest is about the upcoming 7th edition of the "McGuide Guide" (as posted to CALL-L):
Dear Friends of the McGill Law Journal,

It is with excitement that we announce the upcoming 7th Edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. This edition will feature vital changes to make it more comprehensive and user friendly. As we are in the initial stages of this endeavour, we welcome and encourage your valued input in suggesting changes that will help the Guide to better serve your needs.

Please take a few moments to complete the online survey provided in the links below. Don't forget to press "SUBMIT" at the end of the survey. We greatly appreciate your time and continued support. In order to ensure that everyone’s opinion is recorded, please circulate this email to fellow users of the Guide.

Thank you.

Click here for the survey in English.
The survey asks, among other things, about:
  • the layout and organization of the Guide,
  • whether you would use an online version if it were available,
  • and what's important to you to see in the new edition.
This has been a hot button topic over at Slaw for a few years now. It only takes a couple minutes to complete, so here's your chance to have your say!


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