Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New BC PLE Portal: Clicklaw

While I've been admittedly abscent in the past couple weeks, I was very happy to see the launch of the new BC Public Legal Education portal called Clicklaw.

Led by friends over at Courthouse Libraries BC, this new project gathers information and resources from no less than 24 participating BC organizations. If there's an existing guide or helpful publication located on one of those websites, it's probably now profiled on Clicklaw.

The site is still in beta, but looks to have the framework to evolve into a true portal for BC legal content. And given the audience, which is clearly defined as the general public, I thought the work done on the site's navigation was excellent. There's a good mix of iconic and textual navigation elements, and the language used is equally clear.

Clicklaw also has a page dedicated to their future plans, which include more common questions to BC legal topics, non-English language translations, a Google maps integration, and embeddable widgets.

Congratulations to everyone involved!


Blogger Gordon said...

Great to see the positive feedback, Steve. Drew blogged quite a bit about the creation of Clicklaw at the PLEI blog, which might also be of interest - it was a highly participatory design process amongst the 24 members and stakeholders. OpenRoad is proud to have been part of the effort.

3:08 PM  

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